Saturday, July 11, 2009

Leper colony

This place has a very unique vibe. Basicly it is a place where people sick from leprosy get thrown to die horrible, painful and slow death.
You can't attack lepers and they will try to follow you around - stay a while and the whole colony will come to stare at you. How freaky is that? The models are well done and really give you the feeling that this place is rotten to the core.
You can even get sick here! Check the screen.
Also FC made a great move of making this place a spawning point for murderers.
I strongly suggest visiting this place at night.
Check the video:


Slith said...

I spelled it "Lepper" in the video ;p
this is in memory of someone who won't be missed :D

Anonymous said...

Yup, if you got Necromancer girlfriend/boyfriend this is definitely place where you go with picnic with him/her! ;)

bartek said...

A. Lepper will be always in our minds :)