Friday, June 19, 2009

Corruption lvl 40-50

This was our last template:

I will honestly say: this is when corruption starts being FUN. It only gets better and better.

First point
Go ahead and drop one point into Death Whirlwind. It will boost your DPS a little and you will have something to burn shards with

1/5 Death Whirlwind

Max out Lunge
This is our first serious damage dealer. Make sure you use it ON THE LAST COMBO STEP. Not before step 2, not on opener, not first step - the moment you will use it is last combo step.
After you have activated it, lunge will buff your combo damage (note: this changes in 1.5 patch, lunge will be simple buff without need for any gimmicks). If the combo is instant (like our good friend - Death Whirlwind) use it before the combo.

5/5 Lunge

Max out Death Whirlwind
Now you can start slowly building up your DW.
Little tips:
- DW will deal less damage to multiple opponents, but it does aoe dmg.
- When using it try to hit the unshielded side for some sweet dmg bonus.
- The more shards you get the better DW's damage will be.
- DW benefits from Lunge

5/5 Death Whirlwind

Both of those feats are very fun to use.

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