Saturday, June 20, 2009

Slith's cheesy exploration guide episode 2

Last episode on "Slith's cheesy exploration guide": after doin' some basic stuff with Jerco a challenger emerged and questioned Slith's skills by posting a comment:

"Pumpkins said...
Difficulty: ******
(lvl 6? but for sure lvl5!)

am I a Ninja Slith?"

In a great world of professional exploration this kind of comment means: "You suck Slith, thanks for posting baby stuff, now go and show us how to get to the Trader"

Needless to say I was on that building like a hot butter on a toast so here it is:

Khemi port

Difficulty: ****
This is as close to "Assassin's creed" as it can get. It is still a 4 star deal because once you figure the way the jumps as easy as pie. Getting on the tower without falling to your death is the hard part of this exploration quest thats why I have it 4 and not 3.

Serpent's Inn

Difficulty: ***
I am on top of a build where the Serpent's Inn is. Great view and you can spit on RPers (jk, don't do that). From here you can make few easy jumps to 3 directions, but it's not worth showing because there is nothing to see there (sea, wall, next building) and you jump down so meh. If you can get here this place is wide open for 3 simple jumps. Nice place, wish this was Serpent's Inn balcon or something. It's stunning at the night time.


Slith said...

the temple, highest point of Khemi, is made of spirtes like Conans castle so there is no hope of getting there :(

Tharik said...

You can actually reach the entrance and stand on part of the wall of it.

Slith said...

Thanks for the tip, I went there yesterday

There is a big serpent statue in the middle and two stares that lead down to a blank wall.

Also the temple's wall is made of sprites, not the temple itself 0_o

Will take someone there in next episode.

Tharik said...

Ok, here are 3 screenshots of 3 points of interest in Khemi (This are the only ones I would say they could be hard for some people, but I think though they are really easy to reach once you've figured out how to).

Castle entrance:
This one is just a piece of cake to reach.

Castle Tower:
You might have some trouble to jump to the corners, but easy when you know how to do it.

Building of the port:
This could be the hardest one cause you gotta do a big jump, but again, when you know how to do it, its simply easy.

Khemi is a good place to start your exploration path, but I'll recomend everyone to go to the Noble District after this period in Khemi. Next place to go after ND I would say its Old Tarantia, but to reach the "freedom" of this place, theres only 1 way to do it, and its not easy.

Other posible places of interest are just concrete buildings, such as some in Keshatta City, or even you can get on top of Atzel's Fortress Roof.

I'll try to post more screenshots in the next days, starting in the Noble District.