Friday, June 19, 2009

Corruption lvl 60-70

Last episode on "Slith's guides"

You are the Avatar of Death
Arguably best feat in Age of Conan. This feat is made out of "pure win". It will grant you immunity to all forms of CC (but not to knockback) for 20 s, boosting your damage as well (in 1.5 it is nerfed to 15s). Both PVE and PVP opponents will have to agree that for the next 20s you are THE MAN.

1/1 Avatar of Death

From the darkness they came
Apart from GREAT name, FTD will damage & stun your opponent and grant you one soul fragment. It works in both stealth and out of it. One point wonder.

1/1 From the darkness

General tree aka boring part
In PVE you are now basicly at your best. Whatever you add in general tree will boost your PVP performance rather than PVE, but you still got points - gotta add them

Max out Excellent Balance
You will get shorter cooldown.

5/5 Excellent Balance

Max out Natural Protection
Get that magic resistance in. You will really need it in PVP. Unholy armor will take care of melee.

5/5 Natural Protection

Max out second wind
Our longest cooldown - whole 10 minutes. What it does is regening your stamina very fast. It is your saver in duels, sometimes in PVP and its great when you are chasing down fleeing enemy.

1/1 Second wind

Get one point in it so you can open up Agle Mind later on. Small boost, but it will do you more good than Acrobat - 1% evade is worthless.

1/5 Toughness

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