Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Play the game, the game gets played

The 1.5 is upon us. Today is the last day that we can "enjoy" previous 1.4 era content. Endure. Even thou 1.5 didn't bring anything great to the "assassin's table" (we got nerfed, plain and simple) I will give it benefit of doubt and assume it is great. New quests, new area, new gems, new new new! Hope we will be GREATLY rewarded for long wait. I will see you cutters on the Tarania Common's rooftops.
Let's leap into the madness...

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Khalid said...

Yep. I feel only mildly excited about 1.05, still dissapointed how they treated Assassins, but maybe I'll enjoy it once I get to play it on live for awhile.
Commons is sure going to get lots of people out of Khesh (maybe permanently, who knows?) I can already see the horrific visions of all the Casters nuking down from the roofs, but luckily there is us 'Sins to take 'em down. :)
Well, this is going to be what many of us have been waiting for months. I hope for the sake of the game that it succees.
See you in new shiny 1.05 world.