Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Working as intended

Little something I wanted to share with you:

and because we are total noobs "Teh Gaeamei Director" want to give us "a couple of weeks" so we can find the right speccs. You can specc to BEAT THAT SHIT? Everyone of us lasted no more than 4 seconds regardless of class - all they had to do is "clickez" to focus that shit on us.
Oh well, enjoy!


skammkell said...

why do you have basalt n duskmetal on your hotbar? O_O

Hagus said...

It's a secret assassin's weapon featured in 1,05. You can throw stones at your enemies :]

Anonymous said...

Casters are rather overpower right now even Funcom supposed to end this Age of Caster... now it is Golden era for them. :)

I got yesterday killed by Pet necro who was AFK over half fight and when she came back she only pressed button "move backwards" in panic. Also she name was "Pink". Gladly no one saw it. :D

Khalid said...

New minigame exp system is step in the right direction, but it also makes minis filled with killer premades. Tough Slith is going solo again. Respect. :)
I hope Silirrion's "adjustments" wont take too long to make..

Oh, and the chat window is priceless.
Changing slowly from careful optimism to desperation. ^^

Slith said...

@Skamm, @Hagus

I throw them at people while hugging guards


Exacly, chat window is beginign, middle and the end of the game :)

Anonymous said...

comment i heard yesterday during a mini game :All i have to wait is a stun a knockback a fear and a death